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If you love watching two poorly informed, greasy dogmatists talk over each other about religion, check this out.

Honestly, if it weren’t for O’Reilly’s hilarious “you can’t explain that” argument towards the end, I would almost score this as even. Sure, O’Reilly is an idiot and a blowhard, but Maher seems to only know how to answer questions by smirking and saying “okay” like a smarmy douchebag.

Watching Maher defend atheism is like listening to an arrogant 11th grader. Yeah, sure, I agree with Maher’s conclusion, but how he gets there isn’t much different than how O’Reilly gets to his, and I just can’t deal with his arrogant attitude, especially when it is clear that his knowledge of the discussion is lacking. He tries to make up for it with some hand-waving, but the fact is that he hasn’t done the work to merit being so smug about his conclusions. Is he seriously still pulling the “if God wrote it, why doesn’t it make sense” line? Since when does it have to make sense to you for God to have written it?

Hot holy fuck, now I’m defending religion – Screw you, Maher. Screw you and your stupid hair and your stupid face.


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