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Updates to the Hit-List! (things that need to be taken down a peg)

30 Rock

Sorry everyone, it’s a great show, but it doesn’t deserve to sweep the emmy’s every year because it panders to comedy writers.

The Black Keys

Yeah yeah, they are catchy and have swagger and attitude. It’s just blues, people, and not very good blues, either.  Listen to “Ball and Biscuit” by the White Stripes, “Burn the Witch” by Queens of the Stone Age, or anything by Seasick Steve if you want to listen to good modern blues. (Note: I haven’t heard the album, so feel free  to call me out for not knowing what the fuck I’m talking about)

Updates to the Re-Think List! (things I’m currently reconsidering my position on)

True Blood

Initially, I dismissed this along with things like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries. I’ve looked into it a bit more recently (and by that I mean I watched a trailer on YouTube), and it seems to have a bit more substance and appeal that I thought. Not saying I’ll like it, but I might not hate it. THIS IS RIVETING, ISN’T IT.


Chances are, I’m just completely full of shit about most things. I’m 25, what the hell do I know?

Updates to the Shit-List! (as in, “shit yeah, that’s awesome”)

Louis CK

Hardest working guy in comedy. He produces a new hour of material every year. That is unheard of. Also, his show “Louie” is one of the best shows on tv right now, period.

Parks and Recreation

Hopefully it doesn’t jump the shark in the 3rd season. Beyond creating Ron Fucking Swanson, this show hosts a cast of characters that are fresh, endearing, and always funny.

——Note: I’m playing the hipster card on both of those things; I liked them before they were popular. Eat it.

What we’ve all learned today!

Pictures of explosions, bold typeface, and exclamation marks help boring things seem more exciting.

And now,  the most romantic photo ever taken (courtesy of thechive.com)


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