Weekly Thing-Brought to you by Procrastination and Apologies!

Lightning symbolizes the act of apologizing

Alright, I know, it has been a while. I’m sorry – I know how much you all look forward to these posts (I’m talking to you, no one).  I don’t have the time or energy to post something really significant, so I am once again going to fall back to the list format. I am, however, going to introduce a new series of this blog; The Comedy Graveyard. It is pretty self-explanatory – this is an ongoing list of topics that have been completely tapped of their comedic potential (at least in the realm of talk show monologues and twitter one-liners). If you are going to make a joke with one of these topics as a punch-line, you damn well better be creative about it. Also, I’ve moved the blog to wordpress – deal with it.

The Comedy Graveyard’s Inaugural Members 

-Kirstie Alley is fat

-Justin Bieber Sucks (See also, Rebecca Black)

-Lady Gaga wears odd clothing -can we start making fun of her mediocre talent and blatant rip-off of Madonna yet?

-Jersey Shore

-Nerds are Virgins

-Charlie Sheen

Still Ripe for the Picking:

-Michelle Bachman’s husband is THUPER  gay. Seriously, we all need to dog-pile on this one until they catch him in a truck stop bathroom with more holes plugged than a power-bar at a LAN party.

Guy Fieri -Anyone that hasn’t watched “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” is missing out. You will never see someone get so fucking pumped over a plate of fried pickles.

This is how he reacts to seeing a plate of bacon

Seriously, this guys isn’t a speed-boat salesman – He reviews food.


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