Breaking Bad to the Future

Considering that one is an action/comedy about the wacky antics of a couple of time travelers, and the other is a grim, often visceral depiction of a man turning to cooking meth after being diagnosed with lung cancer, you might not think that there are many similarities between Back to the Future and Breaking Bad. Well, that’s why I’m here – to expose the hidden connections and structures that underlie the very fabric of…ugh, you know what, just check this out.

First, we have a brilliant, yet unsuccessful scientist…

With varying degrees of swagger

…and a young, brash, ne’er-do-well

With varying degrees of meth addiction

…who form an unlikely bond…

That sometimes involves costumes

…and perform dangerous fringe science in a very recognizable vehicle

Getting weird yet?

Along the way, they encounter violent, unstable villains….

Granted, only one of them explicitly hates manure

…and serious problems regarding bodies disappearing…

Or having to disappear some bodies

…but they overcome these challenges using they’re resourcefulness and a robust knowledge of science

Some science is more fun than others

But hey, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m grasping at straws here…

Yeah, nevermind.

Now just imagine Jesse saying,  “Woah woah woah Walt, hold on a minute…are you saying you built a meth lab out of a Winnebago!?”


One response to “Breaking Bad to the Future

  • gavboony

    Dude! I thought exactly the same thing! There is a very BTTF vibe I get from every ‘Breaking Bad’ episode.
    I think it is the conflict between the supercool people the main characters want to be versus their enemy of time, reality and being found out.
    Great observation, man! Kudos!

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