The New Face of Manliness

You may not think this is the guy with the biggest cojones in the room, no matter what room he’s in, but he is.  This past week, Roger Craig, with his adorable smile and mild demeanor, faced fear, looked it in the eye, and calmly pissed in its face.

Have you ever seen someone stay so cool and contained in a moment like that? Further, how the hell did he hit both of the daily doubles in a row? Watch it again, he doesn’t even hesitate with the first one – he bets it all, answer the clue like he’s simply telling someone his own address, then when he gets the next double, there is a pause, and without even a change of expression, BOOM, bets it all again. There is a gasp from the audience, and he’s just like “yeah”, as if to say, “yeah that’s right, my dick is HUGE”. It’s like he saw it all coming, I’m seriously questioning if he’s human. How do we know he isn’t the next step up from that Watson thing? How do we know he isn’t a warlock or a demon? I’m honestly frightened.

Just imagine that being a skull in his hand

Look at those eyes! That is the cold stare of someone who knows more than he is letting on. I say we check his cellar – 10 bucks says we either find a pile of bodies or some kind of portal to another world.

Maybe I’m overreacting here, maybe this guy is just a Grade A Badass. Either way, he makes that other guy, Ken Whatshisname, look like a pile of old newspapers.

Get a haircut, dummy

My only fear is that maybe Roger has more on his mind than just winning at Jeopardy. Someone that does it that easily must have a higher goal, but with that blank gaze of his, we may never know. I just hope that he doesn’t plan on hurting anyone I care about…

…Oh no…

I say we kill him.

Elder-God Cage! But surely, he is too powerful!

We must protect Trebek

You’re right. But we’ll need help.

You have my knives. I'll bring sandwiches, too

Wow, thanks Fat Joker…

I'll help too! I'll bring cuddles

Cute Bamboo Puppy! We knew we could count on you!
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