Canada! The internet needs your help!

This is the best picture I could find under short notice, okay?

Look, this blog was never meant to be informative, political, or have anything that people would call, “substance”, but because there seems to be a lack of awareness of this issue in Canada, I just wanted to do my part. I’m not a journalist, so I will just give you links to places where people have done a good job at compiling the information regarding Bill C-11. If you haven’t heard, this bill is along the lines of SOPA and all the other internet-regulating bills. It could apparently make things like PVR and ripping cd’s to your mp3 players illegal, and could force internet provides to shut down your internet access if you are even suspected of piracy. This bill is dangerously close to being passed, and because not even Canadians care about Canadian news, it is going through relatively quietly. If you like your internet like you like your women – uninhibited – then take a minute to do your part.

To learn a bit about the bill, click here and here.

To sign a petition to stop the bill, click here.

Once you have done that, reward yourself by watching this “Best of Youtube” compilation – YouTube is a website that may never have existed if this kind of bill was passed 10 years ago.

Thank you for your time, now get back to work you filthy pirates.



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