Hey Homophobes, Time’s up

It’s only been a matter of time, really. So far, in my life,  I have witnessed a slow progression of rational thought winning out over pathetic, sleazy, and out-dated ideology. Recently, there have been several huge boosts, it seems, to the Gay Rights Movement. Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project took off like no one expected, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was removed, and hell, even the President of the United States finally came out in favour of gay marriage. Of course, that isn’t to say that terrible things aren’t still happening. Harassment, bullying, violence, and just general douchebaggery towards the LGBT community are all still rampant in North America, let alone the rest of the world. That being said, there is one sector of North American culture that has finally come around, and it is the one that I think signals the coming end for all the ignorant bigot-fucks out there:

The Economic Sector.

Yeah bitch

Of course, it is one thing for companies to avoid discriminating against employees or customers based on their sexuality. That has been taboo for a long time. It is quite another for a company to come out and support it whole-heartedly. However, that’s just what a few companies have now done. We all remember the big JC Penney & Ellen vs One Million Moms issue. It seems a bunch of moms (FAR fewer than a million of them) got their bone-dry panties in a bunch over JC Penney hiring Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson.

That’s some highly deviant shit right there.

Anyway, The Uppity-Bitch-Mom Brigade protested against JC Penney and tried to get a boycott going…and then nothing happened. Not only that, but come Mother’s Day, JC Penney dropped this:


This is a cool move on JC Penney’s part. Not only did they stand behind their decision to hire Ellen, but they kicked it up a notch and full-on marketed to the LGBT community. Yeah sure, the ad is cheesy, but it shows that the company has now accepted that this community is a part of their customer base, and are willing to risk the pitchfork mob to reach out to them. Of course, the Lonely Bigoted Housewives of Buttfuck Nowhere had a problem with this, too – and this is where it gets even better.


This has to be the gentlest looking “Up Yours” I’ve ever seen. This is the ad that JC Penney released for Father’s Day. Predictably, The Anti-MILFS  had a problem with this, as well.

Dear “One Million Moms”, I don’t think  JC Penney gives two shits about your little crusade.

Now, if it was just JC Penney that had been doing this kind of thing, I wouldn’t have written this. I love what JC Penney has done here, (which is one reason I have mentioned their name so many goddamn times in this article), but what has really gotten me excited is this.

This is fantastic. In case you haven’t picked up on it – this is Chevy coming out and full-on supporting LGBT. This is the company that makes the Silverado, Colorodo, Avalanche, and other such “Git-r-done” type trucks. Not only does this ad pun on the act of coming out, but it features a rainbow banner and the comment, “whatever revs your engine, we support you 100%. Happy Motor City Pride from the entire Chevrolet family”. Read that, fuckers? THE ENTIRE CHEVROLET FAMILY. Your Silverado is now part of the Gay Pride Movement.

Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Because our society is market driven. The fact that these companies are now coming out and explicitly supporting Gay Rights means that corporations and investors don’t find it economically risky to do so. I am not naive enough to think that these moves are strictly ethical choices on behalf of the companies – this is a business tactic. These ads would not exist if the companies running them thought they would lose any significant amount of revenue for running them, especially not a car company right now. What does this mean? It means that all of the dumb-shit homophobic (bible thumping or not) bigots are becoming irrelevant. Their numbers have decreased to such an extent that their buying habits don’t hold as much sway in the market as they used to. The market has started to assimilate this community, which means it’s only a matter of time before the homophobes are left completely in the dust.

Like I said, the war is far from over – and just like any other human rights initiative, it will probably never be over, but this is a very good sign indeed.


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